Project Description

The most up-to-date and largest Trak-Met sawmill with diameter up to 120 cm!

Band sawmill for cutting logs
DAJK Trak-Met TTS-800/60 PREMIUM

DAJK Trak-Met TTS-800 PREMIUM sawmill is our most modern and largest saw on the market. It is a modern machine with very high cutting efficiency and precision. One of the most important advantages is the use of guide wheels with a diameter of 800 mm. We use 60 mm wide band blades on this band sawmill, which no competition offers. The 60 mm wide blade does not need rolling and can be sharpened on a modern CBN grinding machine.

This solution, combined with the innovative design of the band saw, makes it possible to achieve the efficiency and quality of sawing similar to a wide-blade saw, but operating costs such as power consumption and band saw cost are incomparably lower.

In the basic version, it is possible to saw logs with a diameter of 900 mm, and the purchase of a wider saw head for logs up to 1200 mm is possible.

The Trak-Met TTS-800 PREMIUM has many innovative solutions that significantly increase cutting efficiency and precision.

The 800 mm guide wheels and the tight fit of the special belt prevent sawdust and pitch from getting between the belt and the wheels (reels). All this ensures the maximum longevity of the saw blade.

A 60 mm band blade provides a 30% increase in sawing speed and extends the working time between tape replacement to 3 hours

Special two-sided guide frames cooled by the emulsion reduce friction during sawing. This in turn has a direct effect on lower power consumption, higher cutting speed and noise reduction

Precise and fast positioning of the saw head (30mm / 1s)

Strong and efficient hydraulics make it easy to maneuver with large logs of up to 5 tons

Saw frame made of massive double sided closed profiles 200mm x 120mm x 6mm

DAJK Trak Met Sawmill TTS 800 60 Premium 3

Cutting capacity

  • Max. Log Length: 4,8 m (unlimited with extensions)

  • Max. Log Diameter: 90 cm (option 120 cm)

  • Capacity: 2.5-3.0 m3 /h

Power supply

  • Electro engine: 18,5 kW (option 22 kW, 30 kW )

  • Power requirement:  26-37 kW (380v)


  • L x W x H: 6,0 m x 2,6 m x 2,9 m

  • Weight: 3700 kg (basic)

  • Blade: 5600 mm x 60 mm x 1.1 mm

Image galery of sawmill

Video presentation of DAJK Trak-Met
TTS 800/60 PREMIUM sawmill

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