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Robust and powerful European sawmill with plenty of accessories to suit your needs

Band sawmill for cutting logs DAJK Trak-Met TTP-600 STANDARD

The DAJK Trak-Met TTP 600 STANDARD sawmill is the basic band sawmill we offer in our program. The sawmill is often present in the saw industry, forestry companies, medium-sized forest owners, the furniture industry, etc. Due to its extremely strong and robust construction DAJK Trak-Met TTP 600 STANDARD sawmill has a high sawing accuracy of up to 0.5 mm. The saw can be equipped with basic equipment for the customer, and it is possible to purchase a “premium” hydraulic package, sawdust collector, seat, etc. A truly versatile, band-sawed machine that is completely custom-made.

An innovative solution for the DAJK Trak-Met TTP-600 STANDARD band sawmill is the special running surface on the guide wheels. The tight fit of the special belt prevents sawdust and pitch from getting between the belt and the wheels. This solution ensures stable, even and quiet sawing, eliminates vibrations, improves sawing accuracy and extends the life of the blade by up to 40%.

Dimensions6000 mm x2000 mm x1900 mm
Frame120mm x 120mm x 6mm
Weight1250 kg (basic) and up to 2500kg
Max. Log Diameter850 mm
Max. Log Length4800 mm (unlimited with extension)
EngineSiemens 7.5 kW (option 11 kW)
Power requirement380V, 50Hz (10kW)
Managing sawmillHead Up/Down: electric
Head Forward/Reverse: manual
Managing logsManual
Wheels diameter475 mm
BladeLength: 4000m
Width: 35
Thickness: 1.1
Capacity1-1,5 m3 /h
Head Up/Down: electric
Head Forward/Reverse: electric
Electro engine 11 kW
Petrol engine 15HP or 27HP
Stationary control console
Computer: ISP-010
Full hydraulic system / clamp x 1, angle locking elements x 5, log loading x 1, levelling with forward and backward log feed x 1, rotating device x 1
Electric tension roller movement
Automatic barking machine (pre-cutter)
Reinforced frame 200 mm x 120 mm x 6 mm
Frame extension

Cutting capacity

  • Max. Log Length: 4,8 m (unlimited with extensions)

  • Max. Log Diameter: 85 cm (option 120 cm)

  • Capacity: 1-1,5 m3 /h

Power supply

  • Electro engine: 7,5 kW (option 11kW)

  • Power requirement: 10 kW (380v)


  • L x W x H: 6,0 m x 2,0 m x 1,9 m

  • Weight: 1250 kg (basic) and up to 2500kg

  • Blade: 4000 mm x 35 mm x 1.1 mm

Image galery of sawmill

Video presentation of DAJK Trak-Met
TTP-600 STANDARD sawmill

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