Project Description

Double-side edger without which sawmilling is almost impossible

Double-side edger DAJK Trak-Met PTF-2/4

Double-side edger DAJK Trak-Met PTF-2/4 is an extremely robust, strong and powerful edger. It is intended for the processing of wood elements such as boards, slats, morals, etc. The basic version includes 2 electrically adjustable circular saws and input output lines. Double-side edger DAJK Trak-Met PTF-2/4 is intended for sawmills as well as carpentry workshops, construction companies and the furniture industry.

An additional 2 circular saws, computer ( electronic thickness control unit) and two lasers can be purchased to indicate the direction of the cut.

Double-side edger DAJK Trak-Met PTF-2/4 is perfect edger for midium size sawyers where electricity power is limited.

DAJK Trak Met Double-side edger PTF-2/4

Cutting capacity

  • Max. working width: 700mm

  • Max. working height: 65mm

  • Trimming width min. 65 (optionally 45 mm) – max. 450 mm

Power supply

  • Electro engine: 2 x 5.2 KW (“long type”)

  • Power Requirements:  11.5 kW


  • L x W x H: 1,2 m x 1,2 m x 1,4 m

  • Weight: 1150 kg

  • Circular saws: 300mm – 350mm

Image galery of double-side edger PTF-2/4

Video presentation of DAJK Trak-Met
double-side edger PTF-2/4

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