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Preparing firewood has never been so easy and easy. Check out why!

Sawing-Splitting machine DAJK Trak-Met PLD-450

The Trak-Met PLD-450 machine is used for the preparation of firewood in large quantities. The unit combines a chainsaw and a wood splitter in one. It will allow you to saw and cut logs up to 450 mm in diameter and to cut them to any length between 250 and 620 mm. The splitting machine automatically regulates the splitting force between 9 and 25 tons. The customer can equip the PLD-450 cutting splitting machine with electric drive. engine (11kW) or via tractor PTO. Supply of diesel engine and mobile version is also possible.

There are two versions of the splitting splitting machine available:

The cutting machine is equipped with a semi-automatic system: the saw blade, log clamp and knife height adjustment are operated manually by the operator. Other functions such as log feeding, log splitting and the conveyor outlet are operated by the operator via a joystick.

All functions of the PLD-450 cutting splitting machine are automated and operated by the operator via hydraulic controls or an additional joystick. In this version, the cutting-splitting machine has a hydraulic oil cooler as standard.

In addition to the cutting and splitting machine, we also offer a loading ramp that will increase your cutting productivity and split wood. The loading ramp is connected directly to the cutting splitting machine. This is easy and fast to manage.

The standard dimensions of the loading log ramp are: 3000 mm x 1800 mm x 1150 mm
Capacity: approx 2m3
Load capacity: 3 t
Feed ramp lift: 1 t

PLD-450 “Semi-Automatic”

PLD-450 “Automatic”

Loading ramp

Cutting capacity

Max. working diameter: 450mm
Cutting length: 250 – 620 mm
Pressure force: 25 ton

Power supply

Electro engine 11Kw or PTO
Option: petrol / diesel
Flow of two pumps: 46 l + 20 l


L x W x H: 2350 x 1250 x 1800
Output feeding ramp:3,3 m
Weight: 1450 kg

Video presentation of DAJK Trak-Met

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